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The Board of Fire Commissioners has launched a recruitment drive in an effort to increase the ranks of the Hauppauge Fire Department. In addition, the District is reaching out to the youth of our community inviting them to join the Hauppauge Fire Department's Explorer Post 660.

Residents of the District interested in joining as a volunteer firefighter can visit the Department web site and click on the "Join" tab or call 631 265 2499, Extension 126 for Recruitment. Leave a message and your call will be returned.

Boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 17 interested in the Explorers can visit the Department web site where they will find a form for joining the Explorers. They can also call 631 265 2499, Extension 117 and leave a message for our Explorer Advisors.


Commissioner Barz was sworn in with a group of other Commissioners at last nights Suffolk County Fire District Officers Association installation dinner at Villa Lombardi's. Photos by Commissioner Zara.


Commissioners Zara and Beltrani assisted with bail out training for members of Engine 3. Training was conducted at the District's facility behind fire headquarters. Also instructing the members were Chief Furuno and Ex-Captain Goutink.

Commissioners Zara, LaFemina and Beltrani assisted with bail out training for members of Engine Companies 1 & 3. Training was conducted at the District's facility behind fire hq. Also instructing the members were Chief Furuno & Ex-Captain Goutink

Hauppauge Explorer Post 660

The Hauppauge Fire District and the Hauppauge Fire Department are proud to sponsor Explorers Post 660. Many members of Post 660 go on to become full members of the Hauppauge Fire Department.

For Explorer membership information please visit the Department web site at The Explorers tab is under "Companies" or call 631 265 2499, Extension 117 and leave a message. An Explorer Advisor will call you back.

Please note that meeting dates may be subject to change.
Please check back for change notices.

. Hauppauge Fire District

855 Wheeler Road, Hauppauge New York 11788

Phone: 631-265-2499

Fire Marshals

Greg Gottlieb
631-265-2499, Ext. 122

Edward Minder
631-265-2499, Ext. 108




Scott D. Munro, Chairman of the Board

Louis Zara, Commissioner

Thomas LaFemina, Commissioner

Scott E. Munro, Commissioner

Ronald P. Barz, Commissioner


Carl T. Thomas

631 265-2499,   Ext. 101


Michael Buturla
631-265-2499, Ext. 102


Edward Giannelli
631 265 2499 Ext 103

Fire Districts in New York State

A fire district is a district corporation of the State, distinct from the municipalities in which it is located. It has the power to require the levy of taxes on real property and to borrow in its own name. Fire districts should not be confused with fire protection districts. A fire protection district is a geographical area of the town which is provided fire protection pursuant to a contract made by the town board on behalf of the fire protection district with a city, village, fire district or incorporated fire company. 

The district is governed by an elected board of five commissioners. The fire company or companies within the district constitute the fire district fire department The fire department is headed by a chief and an assistant chief or chiefs. The commissioners are authorized to adopt rules and regulations governing all fire companies and the fire department. A few of the more populated districts may have a small force of paid firefighters. Each fire district is required to have a treasurer and secretary.

The Board of Fire Commissioners serve staggered five year terms, with one commissioner elected annually. Before entering upon the duties of their office, the commissioners must take an Oath of Office. Each year they elect one of their members to be Chairman. Special rules apply to the selection of commissioners for a newly established or consolidated fire district. A commissioner may not be a District Treasurer, Chief or an Assistant Chief of the fire department. 

The commissioners are the governing body of the fire district and have numerous powers and duties. The most important include: 

- Keeping the fire district spending within the statutory limitation;

-Auditing and approving payment of claims;

-Designating the banks to trust companies to serve as depositories   for district funds;

- Authorizing investment of fire district moneys;

-Establishing a petty cash fund;

- Giving notice of the annual election by publication, determining additional hours that the election polls may be open, designating a   chairman of election, inspectors and ballot clerks;

- Compensating election officials and in certain circumstances dividing the fire district into election districts;

- Appropriating, by resolution, at any time the proceeds of insurance received for the loss, theft, damage or destruction of real property if to be used or applied to repair or replace such property;

- Holding public hearings pursuant to law;

- Consenting in writing to the extension of the fire districts;

- Petitioning town boards to consolidate fire districts, or alter  boundaries of a fire district.

In addition to the above, the board may hire an attorney to counsel and assist in the discharge of its official duties; may engage a certified public accountant or public accountant to audit the accounts and fiscal affairs of the fire district; May organize, operate, maintain and equip fire companies in the district. The board of fire commissioners may also construct and maintain an adequate fire alarm system and employ such persons as may be necessary to effectuate the objects and purposes of the district. The board has exclusive management and control of the property of the fire district.  Annually, it prepares and files with the Budget Officer of each town in which the fire district is located, detailed estimates of the amounts of revenues to be received and expenditures to be made in the ensuing year.